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Adult Dog Training

Positive training methods from West Seattle's best professional and loving dog trainers

We truly believe if you take the time to show a dog what you want, provide treats, praise, play, or affection when you see it, it will build a strong bond of trust that lasts a lifetime. Our training philosophy is built on using positive-reinforcement methods to help you see fewer unwanted behaviors and build a stronger, positive relationship with your dog. 

Our adult dog classes are designed for dogs 5 months and older. 

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Day Camp for Teens and Adults

We are happy to announce our four hour camp for teens and adults from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm on Mondays and Wednesdays. This camp is run by our Certified Trainers and your dog will have opportunities to play with other dogs, as well as participate in a fifteen minute training session to practice up to three behaviors you are working on at home. 



We require one of the following: History of puppy play at West Seattle Wonder Dogs; History of teen play at West Seattle Wonder Dogs; Trial period consisting of an intake form, trial play session at one of our one hour teen socialization classes, and a trial day at camp. During the trial day you will need to be available for early pick up, in case your dog is having a difficult time at camp. 

Click below to sign up through Paw Partner!

Proactive About Reactivity

Struggling to walk your dog or even leave your windows open without them barking and lunging at people, dogs, or even a bush in the wind? We are here to help!

Our reactivity course will teach you why your dog is behaving this way, how to read your dog's body language, what tools they need to help and manage the behavior and how to use them, while learning how to increase your dog's confidence with the world outside their home.


​Be aware that reactivity happens at varying levels and those experiencing higher levels of reactivity may require in home sessions before being able to participate in class.

For those wanting to come to class without your dog, limited audit spaces may be available.​


Due to the nature of this class, be aware that we have a few additional rules to attend. 

  • First we ask that unless directly instructed by the teacher you and your dog must remain in your assigned cubby.

  • Second we insist that you give all dogs 10 ft of space both in and outside the facility. Some of our dogs will be dog reactive and we want to keep everyone safe and calm.

  • Third, we unfortunately do not allow children in this class, however our trainers know how important it is to include your kids in the training program and are more than happy to do in-home training to help your kids understand your dogs, how to help and control them.

  • Lastly we understand that life can demand time we need for our dogs however due to the importance of learning the behaviors before instituting them in a difficult environment we require that you or a household member attend the first 3 classes and miss no more than one class to graduate.

Fill out an intake form and create a Paw Partner profile using the buttons below to get started!



  • Six week class (same day each week)

  • First class is humans only (without your dog)

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Levels Program

We offer the most flexible group training classes available. Does that soccer game fall on a day you normally have class? No problem! Do you want a little more coaching on recall before moving to the next class? We've got you covered!


Levels obedience training is a group program offering unlimited training sessions during the period you are enrolled. 

With a levels membership, you can come to our drop-in classes as often as you like for as long as you'd like. Move through the skills at the right pace for you and your dog. Check our schedule to see when each level is offered. Each membership covers all levels, so you can advance when it works for you. 


  • Create a Paw Partner profile

  • Attend an Orientation 

  • Submit up to date vaccination records.


*Once we have all of your documents and you've completed an orientation, you can request a spot in any of the classes offered at or below your current level. 


Our orientation is a class in itself! You'll learn the foundations of animal learning theory and positive reinforcement methods. Please keep your dog at home for this one so the humans can focus on getting set up for their first levels class. $45 for this hour long session with time to ask questions after. 



Looking for a fun way to get some exercise and enrichment, while strengthening the bond between you and your dog? Come enjoy an introduction to the world of agility, without the pressure of competition, in the comfort of our climate controlled studio!


This class is recommended for dogs six months and older who have have received some basic training such as sit, wait and stay. Create a Paw Partner profile by using the button below and submit up to date vaccination records. Once this step is complete you will be eligible to sign up for a spot in Agility Level One.


$35 per class

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Day Camp at Unleashed

Day Camp at Unleashed is a dream come true for outdoor-loving dogs! Unleashed is our sister company that provides kennel-free boarding and day camp for dogs of all ages and energy levels on 25 acres of fully-fenced woods and fields in Renton.

We also provide transportation! Our vans pick up and drop off day camp dogs from their home every weekday. The small dog van is for dogs under 50 pounds and our big dog van is for everyone else. 


A facility tour and evaluation is required for all new dogs. Dogs must be at least 6 months of age and have current vaccinations as well as a clean fecal test within the last 6 months. Dogs over 8 months old must be fixed.

Check out our website for more details and to schedule a visit:

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